Problems for Family Unaddressed as People Still Shun Wills

The latest research from National Savings and Investments shows that a staggering 64 per cent of adults in the UK have not made a will, and that 38 million adults have made no arrangements for their retirement or provision for long-term care, although half of those who have not do claim to have given the matter thought.

The most common reason for failing to make a will is that people feel it is 'too early', with a fifth of the 45-64 age group still giving this as the reason why they have not done so.

Somewhat surprisingly, interest in planning for the future is greatest in the 25-34 age group, where 72 per cent have considered making financial provision for later life.

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A properly drafted will executed with the benefit of expert professional advice is sensible for anyone with relatives, especially where there is a substantial estate. One can understand the view among single people and those with small estates that not having a will is not an important matter, but even in these cases, having a will in place makes the administration of the estate quicker and easier. Contact us for advice on how to ensure your estate goes to those you wish it to go to and can be administered quickly and with the least stress possible for your family and executors.
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