Debt Recovery

Isn't it a real pain when clients do not pay your bills? All businesses benefit from early collection of money owing. A good cash flow system is an essential factor to ensure success. Release your valuable time and leave Debt Recovery to the professionals.

We work in partnership with you as a trusted, outsourced third party, to recover either small or bulk debts. As an outsider to your business we can:

  • step up the pressure on your customer where it may be difficult or inappropriate for you to do so
  • defuse awkward situations without you being involved
  • preserve your relationships with good clients by pursuing the debt firmly but tactfully

What does it cost?

You retain control of each step of the proceedings. We will not take any step which will incur a cost to you without your consent. Costs of each step are kept to a minimum and certain costs are recoverable from the debtor, provided they pay up in full. Our transparent fee structure allows you to know the final cost to pursue a debt.

What if we have to go to court?

Other organisations can send letters demanding payment but should your debtor dispute the debt or refuse to pay, only a firm of solicitors will have the expertise and experience to prepare a claim, go to court and obtain a judgment.

For assistance please contact Neil Lloyd-Evans  on 020 8508 4691